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Moxee, WA, 98936
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Many growers use chemical-thinning to help combat small fruit size. Hand-thinning allows the grower more control over the thinning process. In addition, PollenPro offers this as a free service to growers.


In comparison to trees in which the practice of blossom-thinning has not been incorporated, blossom thinned trees consistently produce fruits of larger size and higher quality. In addition,

  • Hand-thinning provides the grower with a more targeted approach than chemical-thinning
  • Thinning produces a more even crop yield and combats bi-annual bearing
  • Thinning creates resting spurs for the following year


Our hand-thinning service is available to growers in the Yakima Valley, Mattawa, and Tri-Cities area.


Gery and Sherry Amos of Amos Ranch
Wapato, WA Pear Growers

Pollen suppliers have to get their pollen from grower's orchards. We want our supplier to have a good supply of viable pollen available when we need it for our orchard, therefore, offer as much as we can to blossom-thin each year. The additional benefit to our orchard is that early thinning has helped to set the crop, gets the pears off to a good start for making bigger fruit at harvest, but most critical, it has helped return blooms.

Since we have had PollenPro blossom-thinning for us, our blocks have returned with consistent blooms

Nasario "Junior" Soliz, Monson Fruit of Selah, WA
Royal City, WA Cherry Block

At first, I was skeptical of having hand-thinning done, thinking they would remove too many blossoms. But what I found, is that PollenPro's employees were well trained, and well supervised. I was very impressed with their attention to detail. I would recommend hand-thinning to other growers because as a result, I found we had a lot bigger cherries. I was very satisfied with the job PollenPro did.