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ATV Application

ATV Application


ATV Air Application Instructions

Getting Started

1. When you receive your pollen, you should immediately place it in the freezer. The PollenAid does not need to be frozen, only the pollen.

2. On the day of application, remove the pollen from the freezer and place it in the shipping box, or a small igloo cooler. This will allow the pollen to come to an ambient temperature.

Ideal Weather

Pollen is most effective when applied in these conditions

  • 55°F or above
  • Little to no wind. If the wind is above 8mph, you should wait to apply. 
  • No rain or fog. Bee flight only occurs in dry weather. For pollen to be effective, at least 2 to 3 hours of bee flight and dry weather are needed.

First Application

The first application should be applied when the targeted variety is between 20 to 30% bloom. Walk the orchard and check for consistency--do not judge the bloom stage by the outside rows.

Second Application

The second application should be applied at 50 to 60% bloom. In hot weather, the bloom occurs very rapidly. Applications may occur on consecutive days. In some instances, in very hot weather, the second application may even be applied on the same day as the first application. In cool weather, the applications may be between 3 to 5 days apart. 

Third Application

If a third application is used, pollen should be applied at 60 to 80% bloom.