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501 Deeringhoff Road
Moxee, WA, 98936
United States

(509) 453-4656




BeeBooster Benefits

ECONOMICAL, DURABLE, AND EASY TO USE. The BeeBooster is constructed of ABS plastic and is designed to use bees' natural instincts of leaving the hive towards the sunlight and returning to the darkness of the hive. 

By utilizing a bee's natural direction of being attracted to the natural light visible from outside of the hive when exiting, and by utilizing a bee's attraction to the dark band of the hive entrance when, two important advances are accomplished.

  1. The elimination of bees swarming around the outside of the hive unable to enter, while other bees are unable to leave because of traffic congestion.
  2. Pollen wastage by bees dragging pollen back into the hive is greatly reduced since bees do not walk through the pollen upon reentering the hive.

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